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Hereby Niels Bonde has the competence

During 15 years of working in the transport and logistics industry, I have obtained great experience in different kinds of transport, logistics and particular customs regulation in EC/Denmark and Norway. Now the time is right for me to build my own company working with customs assignment.

I have an education as shipbroker/agent. As a supplement to my education, I have obtained as well a Danish as a Norwegian diploma in customs regulation. Dealing with customs formalities has always been a factor of motivation for me, as I am highly motivated by the many – and diverse – challenges in ensuring a smooth bordercrossing of the transport.

Ensuring a smooth bordercrossing of the transport requires the perfect interaction between customs software, authorities and professional competences, and this is my area of expertice. This is also why, I founded Niels Bonde Spedition in the summer of 2013.

From 1996 till 2002 I obtained experience with as well ship- agency/broker companies, shipping, and harbor procedures as import of seafood from the North Atlantic, textiles from the Far East, and import of live animals. Furthermore, I obtained a significant knowledge of and developed a big network among the various authorities relevant for these transports.

From 2002 till 2007, I worked as a customs forwarder at a ferry company. I obtained great experience in ferry expedition of dutiable goods and customs formalities at the border between EC and Norway.

From 2007 till July 2013, I continued my career at a forwarding company, where I was responsible for all customs related activities and commenced the company’s own production of Danish customs documents and subsequent Norwegian customs documents.


In addition to that, I handled challenging shipments with customs aspects of high complexity, and thereby, I obtained significant knowledge to the customs regulations in EC and Norway.

My knowledge within EC includes customs clearance, but also in particularly the procedures for transit of T1 shipments and the challenges in relation to the proper finalization of T-documents at different destinations and according to different procedures. My experience in Norway includes customs clearance as well as the procedures for bonded warehouse, registration and transit on “tollpass”.

Since 2011, I have been teaching forwarding students in customs regulation at Aarhus Business College.

In conclusion, I have the competence to advise and solve any customs related assignment in EC/Denmark and Norway, in order to make sure that my client shipments cross the borders without problems or delays. Furthermore I maintain a good relationship to the authorities of Denmark and Norway based on many years of cooperation. I look forward to working with you.

Niels Bonde Larsen

All services rendered are subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2000)